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King Gong

King Gong

Last Monday of every month

There really is no show in town quite like this! King Gong is widely regarded as London’s most brutal open mic night and with good reason. On the last Monday of each month we welcome 30 budding new comics on to our stage and challenge them to remain there for 5 minutes. Sounds easy right?

Trust us when we say, it’s harder than you’d think. Our intrepid contestants will be up against a hostile crowd with 3 people randomly assigned as judges. These powerful judges wield the dreaded red card and when three of these cards are raised, the comic is gonged off the stage…..often to a chorus of boos.

Some comics will make you laugh, some will make you hiss, some will make you think they may need genuine help. In each case… the audience is king and you decide if they survive!

So come and shape the future of comedy…by dashing a few hopes, shattering a few dreams, and launching the occasional superstar.

Can you beat the Gong?

Think you've got what it takes? Email Babs@thecomedystore.co.uk to register