Take me to Manchester


Thursday 27th May at 6pm UK time (7pm Berlin & Cape Town, 1pm New York, 10.30pm Bangalore, 10am Seattle)

A unique interactive *family-friendly* event with Neil Mullarkey and special guests Josie Lawrence and Steven Edis

Crowdsauce doesn’t just use audience suggestions – it uses audience members in the show!

Will you choose to be part of the virtual Studio Audience and take part or simply sit up in the online Balcony to view from a safe distance?

For over two decades, Neil has been training businesspeople in improv skills, travelling to 24 countries. Over lockdown, he’s been hosting global events. People are seeking virtual fun – and connection. They want to be really engaged. Neil’s experience in bringing the best out of non-professionals has stood him in good stead on Zoom and many other platforms. The audience becomes the show – or at least the volunteers in the virtual ‘studio audience’ do. Wouldn’t you want to choose your own virtual adventure?

Now Neil brings his unique entertainment concept to be broadcast live from the Comedy Store this spring. His special guests for the second show are Josie Lawrence and pianist Steven Edis. Wouldn’t you like to be able to play an improv scene with one of the stars of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Or have her sing an improvised song based on your aspirations?